Know-how: GPS-emulator

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Sample of Know-how: Emulator for GPS positioning testing


GPS Navigator for PDA


A GPS navigation and route search application.

Key challenges

Test the navigator functionality completely, including real-life environment. In fact, it was necessary not only to validate the shortest route search but also test an afield navigation.


For testing purposes we created a special software system which allowed emulating the real GPS receiver without its physical presence.

The system permits laying the routes on the map, setting the travel speed at different paths and other necessary parameters. The emulator yields data that 100% coincide with the data received from real GPS receiver.

The system allowed developing and testing the most part of the application without the necessity of physical movement through locality, which significantly reduced project development, testing time and cost.

The emulator allowed the testing team to run a substantially larger scope of tests and provide higher reliability of the application in comparison to testing held only using the real GPS receiver. In particular, with the help of the emulator we performed testing of many-days travels.

The emulator works under Windows, Windows Mobile, WinCE, Unix, J2ME.

Team & duration

Over 1200 hrs.
3 test engineers