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The TestFort team consists of more than 180 real professionals: project managers, team leaders, QA engineers, administrators, configuration managers.

Many of them have a Master's degree in computer science, mathematics or engineering and graduated from the best higher schools of Kharkiv. Our specialists have certificates in programming/testing tools and software system building technologies, some of them are winners of national IT contests.

TestFort team

Kharkiv, where TestFort production office is situated, is one of the largest technology, R&D and education centers in Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR. A lot of universities, scientific and technological organizations create strong educational and engineering background for IT companies.

Testing is a specific activity and a separate engineering discipline. Not so many people can be efficient testers. That is why TestFort permanently works with last-year students of the leading universities. It allows selecting proper candidates with talent for testing and to train them to be professional QA engineers.

TestFort team is characterized by:

  • Deep understanding of software development lifecycle;
  • Knowledge of up-to-date troubleshooting methodologies;
  • Strong skills in test strategy elaboration and tests design;
  • Extensive experience in manual and automated testing;
  • Permanent striving for improvement and training;
  • Great sociability and team-work capabilities.

In combination with ISO-style management, QA procedures, state-of-the-art technologies of manual and automated testing all these capabilities lead to successful implementation of software testing projects.