BugHuntress has become even better - meet TestFort!

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BugHuntress QA Lab, on behalf of every single team member would absolutely love to thank you all for your support, help, assistance and even simple presence! We would have never gotten as far without each one of you!

We have been delivering high-end QA services and solutions since 2001 and it were you, our clients, friends and followers who motivated us to become better as a company, to improve ourselves even more. But now is a time for yet another change: our QA lab is going through rebranding and becomes TestFort.

We are new, we are improved, we are up-to-date and with a way cooler name!

Worry not, this change will not affect our teams. All of our qualified and experienced engineers will remain with you and, in fact, they were waiting for this change more than others. After all, our primary goal was and remains in delivery of world’s best QA solutions and to do so professionals are bond to continuously improve themselves. Now we are taking a new step towards improvements as a whole company!

Please welcome!




Created: 11 Sep 2015