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Manual testing means checking software by hand for errors and defects. A tester in this case plays the role of a regular user in order to ensure that software works properly.

What are the benefits of manual testing?

To advantages of manual testing one can refer its reliability in comparison with automation that cannot for sure predict and cover all possible cases. Only manual method has such secret weapon as human inference, reasoning and of course intuition. Handset testing can be applied in both small and large projects. And maybe the main peculiarity of it is that only manual testing can change test plan in the middle or just stop it in order to examine thoroughly something that a tester has not taken into consideration before. In the same way a tester can update a test case in accordance with movement of the project that is impossible in automated testing.

What to test manually?

If you need to test software libraries or device drivers, it is better to do this with test programs. However, testing of graphical user interfaces, for instance, will show higher results being tested manually because of a constantly changing layout.

TestFort's professional testers are ready to take the place of your customers for a while and detect the bugs which could ruin your reputation.

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