Knowledge on testing and outsourcing to Ukraine

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Decent QA processes have a lot of background behind and we, at TestFort, certainly realize true power of knowledge. Before you even consider hiring QA engineers you must be fully aware of everything the industry has to offer as well as all underwater stones and rules this game is played by.

We consider ourselves a friendly, customer-oriented team interested in long-term relationships with clients, thus we are happy to provide you with all the essential knowledge upfront!

In this section we have collected some information about Ukraine:

  • General information and links to basic resources;
  • IT and outsourcing potential of Ukraine;
  • Kharkiv region - 'Silicon Valley' of Ukraine.

Also, this section contains a small introduction to software testing as well as the articles written by our specialists and intended to assist the customers in their selection of software testing services providers.

We hope that this information will be a good addition to other sources and help you in your business.


How It Works?

QA is a long process aimed at achieving ultimate, supreme quality. However, like any other process related to software development it involves numerous challenges and pitfalls we know how to overcome. You can simply go through our established processes that are tailored according to both best practices of the industry and our own 14 years of experience and find out how QA really works and how it is done at TestFort.


External VS In-house Testing

There is more than one way to skin a cat. You can perform QA and software testing with your own resources by hiring, training and equipping teams of your own testers, or you can simply provide offshore teams with requirements and receive fine results. Both ways have their pros and cons. So which one is truly better for your business? Click here and find out!


Offshore QA Worldwide

QA offshoring exists as a growing and constantly maturing industry. Companies all over the world aim to provide solutions to businesses in need of software testing. How do these markets look today? Where to look for outstanding, out of the box solutions? Which countries provide cheaper services? And where does the price and quality combination reach its ultimate form?


Outsourcing To Ukraine

Ukraine may be considered as a rising star in the offshoring domain. Accessible specialists of the highest levels and Asian prices for solutions have already matured Ukraine into one of world’s top IT outsourcing players. You are free to find out more about numerous Ukrainian markets and advantages you can receive by working with companies from this pearl of Eastern Europe.


How To Choose A Vendor?

Today’s world offers more than it can handle delivering. Numerous QA companies pop up out of nowhere and claim to resolve all possible issues within time and budget. But how true are such claims? How can you, as a business, determine whether cooperation with this or that vendor will be mutually beneficial? You are free to go through our supreme guide on how to choose the best possible QA service delivery company.


Independent Testing

Independent testing is done by those QA engineers and experts who were not involved at any stage of development of the system under test. This approach involves numerous benefits, like the fact that people who will be testing the product have no idea how functionality was designed to work. This opens a whole new level of research and numerous defects can be located precisely from end-user perspective.


Risk Management

Defects are risks. One can be missed or overseen while the other might not seem as something that requires fixing from the first glance. In the domain of risk management, it's experience that decides most and we, at TestFort, have enough to make right decisions and guide you through them to ensure your product and your business are out of danger!


Why TestFort?

We are a team of professionals with more than a decade of experience, hundreds of successful projects and satisfied customers of all shapes and sizes behind back. We are recognized experts at what we do and our engineers are fully equipped and capable of delivering jaw-dropping quality. We are your only rational solution!