Kharkiv - Silicon Valley of Ukraine

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Kharkiv - 'Silicon Valley' of Ukraine

TestFort production office is situated in Kharkiv. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine. It is situated in the North-East of the country at the distance of 470 km to the East from the capital of Ukraine (Kyiv).

From the time of its foundation in the middle of 17th century till present Kharkiv followed the path from a small defensive outpost to one of the largest scientific, business, and industrial centres of Ukraine. Today about 3 million people live in Kharkiv and its suburbs.

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Educational and scientific traditions

Educational and engineering level of Kharkiv IT specialists has a deep background: Kharkiv Emperor's University (now - Kharkiv National University) was founded in 1805 and is one of the oldest higher schools in the Eastern Europe.

KNURE Three Nobel Prize Laureates, a Fields medal (the highest prize for mathematicians) winner and a lot of well-known scientists studied or worked in Kharkiv. In the former USSR Kharkiv was one of the main intellectual centers. The research institutions in many areas - from  nuclear physics and artificial crystals growing to spaceship hardware and software development - are located in Kharkiv.

 East Ukrainian Affiliate of international Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), IIT (Institute of Information Technologies) which develops security and encryption systems for banks, government and uniformed services are situated in Kharkiv too.

 IT capabilities

 There are 25 higher schools and universities in Kharkiv (it is more than in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine). They intensively cooperate with the universities of the Great Britain, France, Germany, the USA and other countries.

 11 higher schools train IT specialists. About 1,500 IT specialists are graduated annually: engineers, programmers, testers, system administrators, designers.

 Nowadays dozens of IT companies are established and operate in Kharkiv. They actively develop software for different industries and sectors:

  • Planning systems for the Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Response to prevent and control technological disasters;
  • Automation and information support systems for the Municipal Council of Kharkiv;
  • Power consumption monitoring and control systems;
  • Billing systems;
  • Encryption system solutions;
  • Software for telecommunications hardware.

Among Kharkiv IT firms there are a lot of outsourcing IT services providers and subsidiaries or affiliates of famous western IT companies. They produce complex Web applications, mobile systems, games, system and low-level tools, database applications and a lot of other software.

But TestFort QA Lab is the only IT company in Kharkiv which is a specialized testing firm (it is not a testing department of software development company). For us the testing services for external customers are the main activity and our main responsibility.