IPhone mobile applications testing

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Due to constantly increasing competition in the market of mobile applications, the developers should especially focus on testing of their mobile applications. Approach to such testing significantly differs from the standard approach to testing of applications developed for use on PCs. Such difference arises because of the large number of design features of mobile devices and a variety of mobile platforms. Therefore, it is better to entrust such kind of testing to professionals.

Why do iPhone Apps need testing?

iOS or iPhone OS is a mobile operating system of Apple Inc. It was first released for the iPod Touch and iPhone platforms in 2007, after a while it was updated in order to support other Apple devices. As opposed to its major competitors, Android and Windows Mobile it did not allow iOS being installed on hardware that does not belong to Apple.

Very strict requirements to the interface and functionality, peculiar application distribution mechanism, a special closed platform ― all these requirements quite clearly distinguish testing of iOS apps in particular separate niche with its own specific problems.

How do Our Testers Work?

TestFort QA team is testing mobile applications since 2001 and today provides a full range of quality control in the field.

TestFort specialists have broad experience in working with various mobile platforms and operating systems as well as experience and knowledge base on specific character of platforms, the use of emulators and real devices.