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Applications in this industry have never been as popular and widely used as today. When companies buy travel&tourism apps, they can't control their technical aspects. So you need to launch applications which are already convenient to use and defect-free. TestFort is ideally suited to help travel & tourism companies test apps for:

  • Functionality. If you are going to spread your app among real users it should be ready to function as intended. TestFort testers will examine your app in various environments to check whether it functions as users expect.

  • Security. Unfortunately, today’s apps used in travel & tourism became target for hackers. And you probably know that if your user’s data is at risk, then your business is under threat as well. Our experts have been performing security testing for many years and they are aware of the latest security standards and threats helping our clients ensure protection against security attacks.

  • Load. Your app can’t be ready for launching if it isn't ready for heavy loading. Regardless of the size of your company, TestFort is ready to test your app under usage pressure to ensure it can handle the expected number of users.

  • Usability. Are you sure your app will fully satisfy users? If not it is time to check it. As travel & tourism aims to deliver convenience to end users regardless of the kind of specific needs, apps that are used to reach this goal should look nice and be easy-to-use.

  • Regression. After improvements of your app new bugs or regressions can arise. TestFort is specialized in delivering quality regression testing to ensure your app won’t disappoint users and new problems won’t come up at the crucial moment.

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We, at TestFort are keen on providing numerous fitting services to all clients regardless of them being a business or individuals. Software testing, QA, QC and other services can be delivered for your product to achieve maximum quality. Feel free to take a tour through our portfolio.