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The world of finance & business is rather like a jungle with a constant struggle: weak animals are gathered in flocks and the predators fight cruelly. When it comes to weapons competitors are prepared to resort any means to get information and data which can help them to win. Most apps are exposed to hacker attacks or make your deals go down because of inconvenience or bad functionality. TestFort offers companies testing services in order to detect errors and prevent negative effects in such aspects as:

  • Functionality. When it comes to business & finance you need to be sure that your app operates as intended as mistakes in this industry can be especially critical. TestFort is ready to test any type of your app against various operating systems, devices, browsers, etc. to ensure it won’t fail your business.

  • Security. TestFort team will examine your app exhaustively in order to detect all possible vulnerabilities to predict and prevent data leakage, external and internal attacks and other security issues.

  • Load. With TestFort load testing is affordable for any sized company. Our experts will determine whether your application is ready to operate as usual when it is reached by the expected number of users.

  • Regression. Well, if any bugs have been detected in your app, you need to ensure that they haven't come back or new ones haven't arisen after fixing. Thus, with TestFort, apps will be tested from end to end.

  • Usability. Everything must be easy when it comes to usability: your product must be convenient to use. Otherwise, you’ll lose your clients letting competitors stay one step forward due to imperfections of your technologies.

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We, at TestFort are keen on providing numerous fitting services to all clients regardless of them being a business or individuals. Software testing, QA, QC and other services can be delivered for your product to achieve maximum quality. Feel free to take a tour through our portfolio.