GUI Testing

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Graphical User Interface Testing (GUI) is an application’s graphical user interface testing procedure targeted on detecting whether an application functions properly and meets its written specifications. User interface when being evaluated normally undergo variety of test cases.

Why does GUI Need To Be Tested?

As the success of GUI apps depends directly on how users satisfied with it, developers of interface should strive their efforts to testing procedure focusing on it like on the one of the most important parts of GUI application development.

TestFort testers check thoroughly how the most expected actions are performed through the user interface (i.e. access apps’ features) from the users’ viewpoint. Are you sure your GUI app meets all your requirements and expectations? We can prove it doesn’t. Agree that it is better we will detect bugs than your target users, as they won’t forgive you and you can lose much more than spend on testing.

GUI testing includes:

  • Testing of GUI components like toolbars, buttons, menubars, list controls, images, dialogs, etc. in order to detect how good they are, how they respond to different behavior of users like unusual input data, and generally whether all these items function correctly together and separately;
  • Testing on how a GUI application reacts on different data input via keyboard and mouse actions;

Manual and Automated GUI testing

TestFort QA experts conduct manual GUI testing as some of pieces of the system can be tested only manually and our testing experts are ready to deliver the most accurate and high quality manual testing services.

In those cases when GUI software testing can be done automated our QA experts have all necessary tools for GUI test automation that helps them to make GUI application testing more efficient.