Green Initiatives

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Adopting a comprehensive approach to greening IT is our number one priority and responsibility toward developing a sustainable environment. We strive to green our IT products and to minimize the environmental impact of our business.

TestFort QA Lab provides the following measures to reduce environmental problems:

  • We monitor ongoing energy consumption and try to minimize it;
  • Unused equipment is turned off;
  • We only utilize TFT (flat screen) monitors; CRT monitors are used in some types of testing and only if necessary;
  • Purchasing new equipment, we prefer energy-saving devices;
  • Our equipment is regularly maintained, repaired and upgraded;
  • Only luminescent and energy saving light bulbs are used in TestFort office;
  • We use mainly paperless documentation workflow and minimize printing;
  • If paper is used, it is done as eco-friendly as possible (both sides);
  • Our employees widely use public (in particular, electric) transport and the tube (the office is in a 2-minute walk out of a metro station) to get to the office;
  • We use flexible start and finish working hours to simplify our employees travelling by public transport;
  • Virtual (from home) working and telecommuting is encouraged if it is possible;
  • In the office the vast majority of our employees use ceramic cups and dishes instead of plastic disposable ones.

Supporting green initiatives, we also enjoy a competitive edge and gain financial and other benefits, such as reducing energy consumption, decreasing costs and improving of system performance.