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Enable maximum pleasure for your gamers. Our QA experts are ready to provide you with high-quality game testing service to guarantee your players a seamless, interactive, and unforgettable experience.

Powerful Game Testing

TestFort is a team of certified, award-winning professionals which counts over a decade of extensive experience in testing. We are helping businesses of any size to achieve success by truly perfect delivery because we aim to establish trustworthy collaboration with our clients. We are keen on quality and this drives us forward to create our own products that increase the efficiency of overall development and QA processes. Our customer-obsessed approach makes us put forth your business needs, hence guarantee you transparency of game testing methods, reasonable pricing, and high-grade results.

These days games can be as complex as AI software and it makes testing them quite challenging. Yet, the game will bring satisfaction to a player only in case it is thoroughly checked, edited, checked again, and polished to perfection. Our team of quality-driven professionals will do PC, native PlayStation/Xbox, or mobile game testing with the focus on your business priorities, considering all the peculiarities of QA, and applying the latest game testing techniques to ensure it goes smoothly. Your end product will be well-functioning, intuitive, and enjoyable for your target audience.

Tests we do

  • Functional Testing

    Necessary type of game testing to ensure all game functions work properly. In case any bugs and errors are discovered, they have to be eliminated by developers and game should be examined once more.

  • Security Testing

    Every user provides sensitive data to the game server during registration. This information does has to be encrypted and kept safely. QA expert performs a bunch of force attacks on the server and defines whether your game is unbreakable and secure enough for your potential users.

  • Load Testing

    This game testing method applied to make sure your product works flawlessly in any condition. It has to handle a huge number of requests to the server and process data like a lightning. Load testing is necessary for online games to check whether thousands of users can play your game simultaneously.

  • Usability Testing

    You want your game to be interactive and appealing. Usability testing will help to define whether it is enjoyable for your users, whether all functions, buttons, or settings are placed conveniently, and what needs to be fixed if they're not.

  • Regression Testing

    In the most cases, game testing process involves polishing a couple of times to ensure the game brings maximum pleasure. After each update/upgrade, your game has to be thoroughly checked to find out and fix all potential bugs that usually occur after changing some code pieces.

  • Compatibility Testing

    Whether your game is a full-pack desktop software, a mobile app, or a native PlayStation/Xbox — compatibility testing is necessary to ensure it is correctly displayed on all types of devices, platforms, and OSs, and runs equally fast on all of them.

Reasons to test

  • Enjoyable Experience

    Gamers play to escape from reality, and when their gaming experience is smooth, they want to play more. This is the main goal for you as the owner, and we are ready to help you achieving it.

  • Bigger Revenue

    The more users enjoy playing your game - the more they recommend buying it, hence your revenue grows and creates a bigger room for further investments in improvements or a whole new game development.

  • Better Performance

    The main goal of gaming industry is to provide users with fast, interactive, and engaging pastime, which is quite challenging. Quality Assurance helps to polish your game to perfection.

  • Increased Engagement

    Game testing has to define whether your vision coincides with the vision of the user, whether it’s engaging and addictive enough to be finished, and is the scenario logical and interesting enough to spend time on it.

  • Larger Audience

    If your game is targeted not only on the locals but also on foreign people, it has to be checked double carefully, especially in terms of translations. Larger user base will help you to establish a strong position within the market.

Testing Results

  • Pleased Gamer

    When you came up with scenario, developed a game, and tested it — consider the hardest work as done, and expect thousands of hooked users.

  • Goals Achieved

    If your game is of the high quality — it will not only bring you money but also create a larger room for business growth.

  • Assured Security

    Your users’ data will be protected, including passwords, credit card numbers or IDs, and other sensitive information they usually enter while registering an account.

  • Long-Term Stability

    Well-tested game will perform great for years or till you want to present an updated version to the world.


Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing

We guarantee the excellent performance and scalability of every web application we test. Our team will complete testing within your time, budget, and business objective specifications.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop Application Testing

TestFort will empower your desktop application with impeccable quality. We provide full-cycle testing service to make your software secure, fast, appealing, and bug-free.

Website Testing

Website Testing

We make sure your website is tested to the point of perfection. TestFort delivers high-grade QA services for impeccable performance, usability, and security of your web-platform.

Mobile application testing

Mobile application testing

The number of apps increases every day - make sure yours is among the best. Guarantee the quality of your application with comprehensive QA services.

Internet of Things Testing

Internet of Things Testing

Our dedicated team of QA engineers tests and implements custom IoT solutions. We help companies to advance smart products to the next, progressive level and make your application will perform as you expected.

Cloud Solutions Testing

Cloud Solutions Testing

Through the efficient and reliable cloud testing strategies, proven tools, and virtual test environments, we deliver QA solutions that help companies reduce costs, meet deadlines, and deliver highly polished solutions.

Software Testing Documentation

Software Testing Documentation

Comprehensive and well-organized QA testing documentation helps to keep track of every step of testing processes, including test planning, case execution, and result evaluation. It’s all under your control, in time, and within the budget.

Games Testing

Games Testing

Through the full cycle of web application testing, we guarantee the excellent performance, availability, and scalability of every application we test, doing our work fast, with full respect to your time, budget, and objectives.

Blockchain Testing

Blockchain Testing

Through the full cycle of web application testing, we guarantee the excellent performance, availability, and scalability of every application we test, doing our work fast, with full respect to your time, budget, and objectives.

Clients Reviews

"During the past year TestFort has become one of our trusted development partners for Windows Phone 7 and I have no hesitation recommending them as an excellent company and software development provider to do business with."

Max Zilberman, Senior Architect, Microsoft

"TestFort has been a great asset in helping us securing the quality of our Toolbars. When we needed quick help they were there for us and gave us access to a full team of testers within a matter of a few days. Over the course of our two years of partnership I have come to rely on TestFort for providing quality resources both in testing and development at a reasonable rate..."

Peter Kalmstrom, Product Manager, Skype

"During the past 4 years, TestFort has proven to be an excellent company and a great asset by providing exemplary Quality Assurance services for all Dashlane platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web). TestFort is playing a critical role in our quality strategy, thanks to the devotion of their testing teams to the project. I can definitely recommend working with them."

Eric Gaze, Director of Quality Assurance and Localization, Dashlane

"TestFort has played a critical role in the development of They have been able to become a part of the core team very quickly and develop amazing features that perform under the highest performance and demand requirements possible. They possess the highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding sense of responsibility and delivery of quality work..."

Paul Berry, CTO, Huffington Post

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