Functional Software Testing

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If the developed application does not deliver the proper responses for clients’ requests, does not satisfy the users’ needs, the company will most likely incur losses and lose loyalty of its customers. Growing competition compels companies to be sure that the apps meet the requirements before they reach ultimate consumer.

Software functional testing is a Quality assurance process which is exactly aimed to check if the application satisfies the need of users by emulating the users’ behavior. This type of testing helps to check if this or that execution path operates in the proper way and if the responses are given correctly.

Functional software testing allows companies to deliver apps of higher quality to its consumers reducing cost and possible risks. That’s why functional testing became a key process while ensuring the quality of software products.

Functional testing typically deals with:

  • functional suitability of the product;
  • the accuracy of the tasks performed;
  • usability;
  • standards development;
  • ability to interact with other software or devices;
  • compliance of the final product realization with functional requirements;
  • protection from unauthorized use and incorrect user actions.

In the context of functional testing TestFort team of testers conducts the web, desktop and mobile testing.

Having the most advanced testing technologies and a wide range of tools and means TestFort team ensures the most effective outcome of the project. For a short period of time with minimal budget TestFort team of 100 testers provides customers with a detailed and objective assessment of the readiness of their software for launching. Our experts successfully combine practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of functional testing, so we provide our customers with integrated and comprehensive solutions.