Fixed Cost Business Model

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If the time-frame and cost of your project are fixed, it should be implemented under Fixed Cost business model. This model is ideally suits small and medium sized projects (2-3 months).

The Distinct Features of the Fixed Cost Model

  • The project is implemented within the fixed budget and well-defined timelines;
  • The scope of the services is agreed upon and exact plan is made up;
  • Client must provide company with the well-defined requirements before the project starts;
  • The company provides client with the project estimation that is based on the previously discussed services;
  • Client pays for additional request over the fixed budget.

Before the project is started, TestFort experts work closely with the client to discuss the project requirements and the scope of the work. Then client is provided with accurate project estimate that is based on the plan and documentation. Once the timeline and cost are approved by the client, the project is started.

With TestFort you can be sure that your project will be delivered in specified time-frame alongside with the quality testing solution.

The Fixed Cost model is perfect for clients who don’t want to dig deeper in the technical aspects of the project. But if you want to be aware of the project implementation, our team will provide you with the comprehensive information.