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Why should I choose your company?

There are lots of outsourcing companies who deliver testing services. But most of them support wide set of services including programming, testing, designing or provide clients with inexperienced testers, inconvenient schedule, conditions, etc. So try to be vigilant when choosing software testing company.

TestFort is highly specialized software testing company with 17 years’ background and team consists of 100 professional testers. We provide clients with three business models in order to let them choose the most suitable one in accordance business specifications.

How can you ensure the information regarding my project won’t be disclosed?

In order to assure our clients in strong protection of their projects, we offer to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a legal contract that doesn’t permit disclosure specific information within the project or information that parties can share each other.

What type of contract arrangements do you have?

There are three types of business models are provided by our company: Dedicated Team, Time & Material and Fixed Costs. To make cooperation more flexible and convenient both for us and our clients we can mix these models or changing conditions. To get more information about contract arrangements you can visit Business model page.

How can I get started with you?

If you are looking for testing services there are few easy ways to let us know about it. We’ll be assisting your project to reach high quality of its implementation.

  • Visit our contact page and fill “Request information” form;
  • Contact us via e-mail: contact@testfort.com;
  • Make a call (+1 310 388 93 34).

We’ll try to provide you with maximum detailed and clear information as soon as it possible. All the terms of collaboration depend on the project and will be discussed with each client separately.

Where is located your company?

The company headquarters and production office are situated in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Also we have representative offices based in the USA, Malta, France and Czech Republic. You can be sure that whether your company is located we’ll try to find the most convenient method of our collaboration.

How long are you in Software testing field?

TestFort QA Lab provides software testing services since 2001. So it’s hard to find issue our testers haven’t met with before.

How can we be sure in high quality of your services?

The best guarantee our projects are powered is given by skills and experience of our testers. We aim to meet your requirements taking into account all important moments regarding to your project. We also provide three types of models (Dedicated Team, Time & Material, Fixed Costs) to achieve the best results and make our collaboration as efficient as it possible.

Do you have any available jobs for me?

We always pleased to see new talents in our team. You can send your CV via e-mail to hr@qarea.com.

Can I try your services before signing a contract?

If you want to make sure in quality of our services, we are able to provide you with pilot project first. All conditions regarding specific project are discussed with sales department.