External vs In-house Testing

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Every company tries to find the most effective way of organizing the process of testing: either create its own team of technical support in-house or outsource this process to specialized company. Below you will find pros and cons of each way.

In-house testing

The main advantage of in-house testing is the ability to control the whole process and to address issues promptly.

Substantial disadvantage is that in-house testing is rather costly as compared to outsourced one. These are hidden costs including expenses on hiring, training people and supporting the full-time team even if you do not need its service at the moment. Another hidden obstacle is that if your employee does not know how to handle a particular task, you will have to hire someone else who can handle it.

External testing

As opposed to in-house testing, external one will help you to reduce your costs. It will also allow you to focus on the core activity, dedicating more time to your marketing campaigns, customer services and so on. External testing usually offers certified, experienced and trained consultants round the clock. Flexibility (the team size can be increased, based on the customer requirements) is another advantage of external testing. Faster adaptability, reasonable prices and flexible business models persuade the majority of small companies to choose outsourcing.

Problems can arise because of culture differences. But choosing a nearshore outsourcing company you will avoid a lot of frustrating situations connected with culture misunderstandings.

Another problem you may encounter is that today there are many outsourcing companies that are ready to take on a task of any difficulty, but do not give you proper guarantees to implement the task and fulfill the project abreast. In order to meet clients’ requirements and ensure proper quality of testing services TestFort signs the contracts with clients including a Non-disclosure agreement.

Certainly you should take a decision, based on the features of your business. But perhaps the most reasonable solution would be to use the services of nearshore software testing company. In this way you will avoid many disadvantages of outsourcing, having at your disposal a highly professional team, being able to focus more on your own business.