Customer Care

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TestFort team strives to provide excellent customer service and to deliver the best results that exceed customer expectations. With our company you can always be sure that you work with reliable and trustworthy people who will never guarantee you things they cannot deliver.

We build relations with our customers on the principles of reliable partnership and cooperation.

Open communication

We work with a customer in one team. Regular, open communication is the main standard. E-mail, Instant Messengers (MSN, Skype, ICQ), phone, online project management and bug tracking systems are used to eliminate any barriers in our dialog and ensure perfect project implementation.

On time and on budget delivery

TestFort project managers have large experience in task evaluation and planning. As a result, time schedules and testing plans are very close to the actual values and, correspondingly, the projects are performed on time and on budget.


For your convenience we offer three basic business models for offshore software testing - fixed cost, time and material (T&M) or dedicated team ('Cost+' scheme). They can be combined or modified at any stage of cooperation.

We also use a proven set of approaches, documents templates and testing tools. At the same time we are ready to adjust our processes according to the customer's established procedures and arrange them in the most convenient way.

TestFort testing teams can be resized and readjusted. If some testers become surplus for your project, you will NOT have to pay for them, thus avoiding the problem of redundancy, too.

Adherence to customer's privacy and security

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be signed to protect nonpublic customer information if it is used during the project implementation. If necessary, we prepare dedicated hardware/LAN environment with special authorization, backup, configuration management according to required level of security. See also Risk Management.

When it comes to software development and testing, intellectual property may become much more valuable than physical assets to our clients. That’s why we pay particular attention to IP protection policy and provide an all-round IP security to our customers.

Transparency and control

You can control the project implementation at any stage. Your team has access to reporting tools and all documents used during the project.

Status reports are delivered on daily and/or weekly basis. Reports contain not only the results of performed work but also the next day plan. As a result, the customer's team controls the project in the dynamics and timely corrects the process.

An important constituent part of reliable partnership is also a proper risk management. See also Testing Outsourcing: How It Can Work - a step-by-step description of how an outsourcing testing project can be arranged and run.