Case Studies: UI Testing

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The client was one of the leading IT companies specialized in the development of GUI (graphical user interface) components for mobile phones built on Symbian OS, MS Smartphone, J2ME and other platforms. The task was to test the user interface for mobile phone themes and check the environment language generating graphic shell, in particular, to examine the shell performance.


After thorough analysis the TestFort team decided to change the simulator significantly, adding the analysis fields of states and events processing. It gave the possibility to execute every language command at least once and display all the state changes.

First of all, the TestFort team checked the shell on all the devices to be simulated and compared the real results with the expected ones. Secondly, we selected proper types of testing for the simulator and developed test cases. Then we used the test cases for testing the real devices and adapted the tests (scripts) by collating the screens.


Automated testing tools made testing more efficient and helped to 'automate' the test cases development: it was possible to analyse each discrepancy and insert the relevant results to the test cases.

Though the simulator modification took appreciable efforts, it allowed saving lots of time during further testing and provided the result tracing feature. The latter improvement made the process of new functionality addition and errors fixing transparent. Another benefit was that we actually got a self-testing environment.