Case Studies: e-Commerce

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Functionality is a passport to success

Electronic business nowadays attains a trend of fast growth all over the world. Large, medium and small companies are increasingly using information and communication technologies to provide a fast and effective link of their business processes with their suppliers, customers and business partners. But in order to make it truly effective you must be sure of perfect functionality of your web-site.

TestFort testers, who are highly qualified and experienced in testing web sites and web applications, develop an individual test plan for every project to describe areas and the ways of testing.

The best decision for Alicia's

This particular e-Shop suffered from lack of functionality when the customer turned to us.

The web-application was based on QuickStore commercial shop but it was not functioning as it had been intended to. Apart from other things the customer complained that it was difficult to add goods to the site.

After analysing the available source code we proposed to create a new version of the shop which would correspond to the project requirements. was used as a payment system, that ensured the transactions reliability and security. Also, access rights differentiation was added.

TestFort team developed a JavaScript automated testing system in order to check that the site would function according to its design and specification. A CASE-tool was used to test the database integrity. Also, we examined the database for compliance with the intended performance.

The following technologies were applied in the project: PHP, mySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Load and Stress Testing

Among the other types of testing, load testing is of great importance for e-commerce web sites as it gives you a chance to test your web site performance under the heaviest workloads even before you deploy your e-business. TestFort testing engineers use sophisticated web testing tools to check whether a web site can handle the load of thousands of users hitting your site with searches, purchases and other typical operations.