Resource Сoordinator



TestFort is looking for an experienced QA Resource Coordinator to join our team!

This is a role for a specialist that already has proven abilities as a QA engineer, to grow at the next level, and move into a managerial based position, whilst at the same time still using their skills to help on projects. The ideal candidate should have very good spoken and written English, experience in team leading and in Pre-sale as a tech expert for engaging new business by helping to size the work needed. Here you will have an opportunity to work tightly with Heads of QA Department and develop your management skills as well as provide work for clients at the highest level. We would be pleased to share all our knowledge and experience to help you grow.

  • QA
  • Management
  • Soft Skills: Presentation
  • 3+ years of experience in testing web and mobile applications
  • 1+ year of experience in team leading
  • English - Upper-Intermediate or higher
  • Experience in Pre-sale activities as a tech expert
  • Knowledge of QA methodologies, tools and processes
  • Understanding of Agile process and SDLC appropriate terminology
  • Attention to detail, ability to work on multiple tasks
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Be flexible to change and willing to adapt to client and team needs
  • Experience in starting the project from scratch would be a plus
  • Work tightly with Heads of QA department, HR and Sales Departments
  • Involvement in Pre-sales activities for new projects, representing QA expertise of the company
  • Start new QA projects from scratch and build an effective QA process
  • Coordination of different processes, such as onboarding, performance review, 1:1 meetings, salary review
  • QA team management and resource allocation
  • Initiate new vacancies opening and make final decisions on hiring all levels of QA engineers (from trainee to lead level)
Our Benefits

  • Self-development grants (language courses and sports)
  • Сompetitive salary and fair evaluation procedures
  • Medical insurance
  • Healthy work-life balance with flexible working hours and an option to work remotely
  • Friendly environment with numerous offline and online events
  • Excellent working conditions with no bureaucracy
  • Modern equipment

Opportunities we share:

- Mentoring and knowledge sharing programs to help you develop in the area you choose
- Work experience with a wide variety of clients from all over the world for your personal and career growth
- Exciting and challenging projects to build up your portfolio
- The ability to influence the decisions and processes on the project

August 23, 24A Kharkiv, UA 61000


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