Your Testing Team Is Lazy? Or Simply Poorly Motivated?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/20/2014

Your Testing Team Is Lazy? Or Simply Poorly Motivated?

There is always a boring part even in the craziest of jobs. Unfortunately IT world and testing especially are full of tasks that are not always as challenging as a testers mind of a perfectionist is willing to manage. And that’s when a testing team can get bored or its motivation is simply weakens.

Let’s just take the following situation as our example. I believe everybody has been in a project when system testing and all integration tests are already done yet the system is not quite ready for acceptance testing. Thus the following several days or even weeks (which is more likely) will be all about retesting old bug reports.

It may even seem impossible to keep the entire team 100% motivated during such a process for a test manager. The motivational downfall occurs here due many different factors yet all of them are somehow related to bad old boredom. Such tasks just don’t seem challenging to testers. Sure features that are just developed even smell challenging. They are way more interesting but only until the moment when all tests have already been run and retesting is all that is left to do. That’s where motivation levels are falling really low.

What may a test manager do to keep up the good work and testing team spirit?

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