You Don’t Want To Be a Software Tester Unless…


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Today many people are choosing a career of a software tester without any careful considerations as they truly believe it is a job where you are getting paid good money for randomly clicking different buttons or something of that sort. Well guess what? If that is your case you are in the wrong field, partner and software testing and quality assurance is not the place you would like to bond your future with.

You are not to even consider going into software testing if you believe testers may be:

  • Lazy. Software testing is providing way too many excuses for lazy people. There are always things you may simply wait for and do nothing like documentation to be finished and software delivered to the appropriate environment, etc. But all of those things are not more than mere excuses as a good software tester with potential (rather the one that will be fired within a month or so) is to be passionate about his work and such a tester will always find ways of testing early and often.
  • Not much of a thinker. A software tester is a detective exploring the product and that requires a lot of creativity and skill. If it was all about simply hitting various buttons without any rational order people would be hiring chimpanzees for such positions, right? It’s always cheaper to pay with bananas. Do you want to get paid with bananas?
  • Not much of a learner. Software is evolving fast and any job in the IT sector has several strict limitations. One of such is that if you are not learning anything new you are done with. It will be impossible to work with new projects without keeping your finger on all the latest updates that may or may not be of use to you as you can never guess which tool will you be using next.
  • An expert from the beginning. Seriously? I have seen such thoughts all over the internet and this is just the thing that is returning my thoughts to payment with bananas. Every expert in any field may be considered one only after years of experience. Am I wrong? Surely there are many specification courses that are giving away multiple papers, rewards and chocolates and such certifications will work for management. At first. But surely your lack of skill will be noticed eventually and lack of experience will not help much in this situation as well.
  • I can learn one best practice and go all the way through with it up till retirement. This delusion actually comes from the previous bullet as many young testers do tend to be over-passionate about what they have achieved and can do now with one methodology that had worked out well once. The silver bullet will be cruelly beaten out of such a testers head with pure experience only.
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