The Peculiarities of XP Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/11/2013

The Peculiarities of XP Testing

XP Testing

What is Different in XP Testing

XP Testing differs significantly from ‘traditional’ testing. The main difference of XP projects is that in this case the whole development team is responsible for delivered quality, all performed testing tasks as well as acceptance test automation. Programmers and testers working together prove to deliver a quite creative approach to automation testing.

Testing in an XP team represents an integrated activity and needs constant feedback from the customers expressing their demands with respect to tests and from programmers in matters relating to design and code. A tester of the XP team plays the roles of both a programmer and a customer.

Activities performed by XP testers include negotiating with customers concerning quality issues, clarifying stories and flushing out implicit assumptions, enabling estimates for testing tasks and programming be accurate. They also watch the acceptance tests confirm the needed level of quality which customer expects.

The XP Testing’s Nature

The concept of test-driven development can be called the most significant difference between traditional projects and XP software development ones. With XP unit tests are applied for every piece of the code. As there is no regression and unit-level bugs the testers can focus on their tasks ensuring that the customer gets the code he wanted. The acceptance tests are intended to determine the quality which was specified and paid by the customer. The XP values well known to experienced in XP testers include simplicity, courage, feedback and communication. Among those values one can separate out and emphasize courage which is necessary for testers to allow customers fault and make findings of the fact. Testers need courage in order to define the minimal testing that should be conducted for the successful end of the project. They need it to bring to their team the understanding of responsibility for delivered testing quality. An XP team always can help its members to support the courage.

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