World Domination: 10 Top Practices for Efficient Testing and Compilation Implementation


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world_dominationSoftware quality testing, as a drastic field of battle in the modern world of software and tech can have its own underwater stones. And, here we go. The top ten of the time-checked practices that might help you a lot. Or, at least, a little bit, which is in anyway a win for me, this articles writer.

  1. The entire process has to be defined in a proper way. It has to be strong and accredited by experts in the QA field. The process has to be like a lighthouse in an early morning misty sea, the guideline, capable of evolving and advancing. It has to become official and strictly followed through. And it has to be plastic and to change, when necessary until it reaches perfection. Software quality is not something that one can play with, so it needs proper testing.
  2. Consignment of the management. It should stream from the very top, from the CEO. Thus enabling the possibility of an alliance of both development managers and development areas from every country.
  3. Hire experienced testers. Hiring people that are not precisely fit for the job is a common wide-spread mistake.
  4. Testing plan, test cases and requirements have to be defined from the very beginning. Thus testers will have the possibility to follow-up the entire procedure from a professional, QA-oriented point of view.
  5. Don’t forget tools. Proper tools may seem expensive, but their value to the process cannot be underestimated. Appropriate management and testing tools are essential. You can start without them, but you won’t get far.
  6. Measurements. It is extremely helpful to constantly measure and track the current state of the testing process, as well as comparing it with the previous versions.
  7. The environment. The developers must be allowed to implement comfortable and fitting test environments. Such approach is critical to proper creation and execution of cases
  8. The environment has to be filled with appropriate data, of course enabling corresponding test executions. Even in the most perfect environment devs need to be able to access the data they need to perform their test cases.
  9. Testing environment MUST track the changes from the configuration. This way there will be a chance to not only control the result. This way it’s quite possible to ensure that tests are done in environments that are “close to combat”.
  10. I’s rather to have a nice awareness process. Everybody has to know that testing is of tremendous value and is bringing profit to everybody.

And, although all of said above probably won’t really conquer the world, I hope it will help you a lot. Perhaps you, my fellow reader have a few additional tips to offer? I would be absolutely thrilled to read through them.

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