Why’s It Awesome to Be a Software Tester?


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The team of Testfort has decided to make a list of the reasons making people happy with the fact that they are software testers. So, here we go with our little marathon of test-awesome!

So tell me, why do you love to be a software tester?

  • I’m happy that I’m a software tester as I’m the first one who gets to play with the newest and the coolest games and software! That is one of the best reasons in the world why one may ever dream of becoming a tester (especially a video-game tester).
  • I am always up-to-date. Software is constantly evolving, getting more advanced and complex, etc. So does testing. And so do testers as there are new challenges emerging every day. New platforms, products, OS’s. It’s like everything in testing wishes for me to stay sharp.
  • I am of the best, as seemingly simple software testing is not a thing many can do well. Amazing fact: there are still very few (relatively) people in software testing that are actually doing a great job as the career seems promising and many are in it due paychecks rather than talent and required mindset.
  • I generally learn more as testing is not all about tech skills. I often lead various dialogues with various in-house teams as well as many stakeholders and customers. I get to see the full extent of the project thus I am getting more skilled with business aspects as well.
  • I will always be needed as software always will have bugs to track. Thus I’m like good brandy. Getting better with years of experience.
  • I make users happy. They have been expecting a nice friendly app and they’ve got it without knowing how many bugs and UI issues have been resolved and how the app was looking in original. Lucky them.
  • Everybody in my company has more courage in launching the app as I was the one testing it. Thanks to my effort many people are more confident in their tomorrow. How awesome is that?
  • Basically, there is no good software without a tester thus yes, I’m proud. You should be too!


Those are of the few reasons why we are in software testing. Few things making testers smile while working hard (overtimes, all-night session, etc.). No matter how hardcore testing gets, testers are always happy.

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