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Why UI/UX Testing Is More Important than You Thought?

TestFort News Editor by TestFort News Editor on 12/20/2018

Why UI/UX Testing Is More Important than You Thought?

Once upon a time there was a man who had a great idea. He hired developers, and they turned his idea into an application. The man was happy, and he hurried to release his product to the masses. People started buying the app, but then they wrote hundreds annoyed comments in the AppStore. Because there were so many glitches, and most of the buttons didn’t work.

Familiar case scenario? This is a very common situation that may happen to every business that neglects software testing before actually putting it out to the public. The thing is, when you order UI/UX testing services, you can not only be sure that your application will function well and look appealing to users, but also that pleased audience will recommend it to their friends and hence increase brand awareness.

There are three success-factors of any software, application, and website, that undergoes a series of UI/UX testing sessions.

UI/UX testing – Save money

Doing usability testing of your product before it reaches the audience can save you time and money that you are likely to spend, if users are unsatisfied with what you offered them. It is much more reasonable to invest in a high-quality product than pay for redesign or code refactoring later down the line.

UI/UX testing – Conversion

Conversion is a super-important metric for websites. Improving user-experiences through website usability testing has shown to increase conversion rates by up to 75%. For applications and software solutions conversion can be equally important. From the apps first launch, tutorials, and functionality—you want every element of the user experience to encourage long-term commitment from your users.
Furthermore, thorough usability testing creates the long-term advantage of setting your software up for constructive criticism from your users. Instead of complaining about usability, they are more likely to give you new ideas for functionality improvements, leading to improvements in the quality of your product.

UI/UX testing – Brand awareness and loyalty

This is the factor that is important for all businesses that want to expand their target audience by making more than one application, each tackling a different purpose. However, the more applications you have, the more difficult it gets to create a cohesive understanding that your team is behind each of them. At this point, having your brand be known for its good user experience can encourage users to try out your other solutions.

Take Apple as an example — users love their products’ simplicity. Apple is recognized around the world for the unique style of their software, and the impeccable quality of their native applications. User interface has to be intuitive, interactive, and almost perfect (because nothing is perfect) to keep your users loyal to the brand.

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