Why the World Would End Without QA


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End of the worldImagine an orbital station falling straight upon you from outer space. That will hurt, right? Imagine all the artificial satellites and stations we currently have on the Earth’s orbit falling with colossal balls of fire and destruction. I may have started from the wrong part of the story yet this is the part that is important. Software is everywhere nowadays. And do you remember the Millennium bug?

Something as small as an error in abbreviation of digits has led to a $308 billion damage. And that is only the cost of recovery, not the damage taken from the Y2K. All that because computer software was finding the year with two zeroes on its end irrational, thus when New Year came it turned to 1990 rather than 2000. That had a huge impact. Imagine something of that sort happening to satellites, planes, trains, hospitals, banking, governments, military (and those people have missiles), etc. All those areas are related and surrounded with software. Software that is bond to working correctly.

Who wants loosing money?

Sure I am exaggerating a little bit and all of those scenarios are highly doubtful, yet possible to some extent. We might be interested with something more business related, as money. What may be more business-related then money?

Sure one might say that QA services are highly expensive and my project seems great as it is. But will be those words true? When was the last time you have visited, let’s say, Kickstarter? Are you imagining how great the competition is? Users have a tremendous choice of solutions provided by the internet. Internet provides them with feedback as well. If your software is bugged the world will know it within hours. Just consider how much time has passed since iPhone 6 was released? And the internet is filled with negative feedback about 6+ bending in their pockets. It took like an hour or so to spread that news globally. And if Apple may have the juice to handle such a situation, your business might not.

So what is QA? Globally an investment in the future success of your solution. And if we will be more particular it is the process of ensuring quality of your software on every step of the development lifecycle. Thus you are making sure you are able of dealing with the competition of the market presenting solutions of highest quality. Sound like quite the investment to me.

Ensure the smooth functionality of your software projects by hiring experienced and highly qualified QA engineers and software testers. Get in touch below.


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