Why Don’t We Have Any Choice But To Test Software Before Launch?


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Testing & QA

Straight to the point

LaunchingSoftware testing is quite difficult. It requires an enormous amount of time and resources that are of most curtail value to any business. If one will consider investing them into any activity it is bound to be mostly useful and profitable. But there is a But with proper testing. If all is done right a business is not seeing the effect testing has over the application under development as all is seemingly working as required in the end.

But one thing worth mentioning is, yes, you may not see precise effects of software testing but you will indeed notice the effect caused by neglecting this activity. And you will not like what you will see. The interesting part is that software testing is not at all about software quality only as it spreads too many other fields effecting your business.

Deeper into the subject

  • The Software part of testing. Software testing ensures you are possessing the end product just the way you have meant it to be in the first place. Your software is usable, effective and is of high quality and of top security standards which is mostly important as today applications prove to be more personal to users than ever before and your app’s users may be trusting your software with many extremely personal information. Such users are to be sure their data is safe with you.
  • Beyond IT. An extremely large amount of business operations tend to rely on software. Imagine the impact foul software that was never tested will have on the world’s economy, medicine, military and many other fields that are relying on machines? How easy would it be to hack into such system or the effects a minor bug may cause! Software testing seemingly some kind of a bridge lying between development and the end users. A bridge of that importance is to be rock solid.

As for me the decision on whether to invest into quality software testing is obvious, how about you?

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