Why does someone need an exploratory testing?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 08/30/2013

Why does someone need an exploratory testing?

To answer that question you need to understand what an exploratory testing is and what are pros and cons of it.

What is exploratory testing? If talking simple, it is an approach in software testing when testers do not put any schedules or plans; they just simultaneously explore, design scenarios and execute them. During this process, testers identify the application functionality. This kind of testing is a convenient way for testers to apply their abilities and skills in a full way.

Exploratory testing is in some way a pre-testing process, during which testers explore the application and then understand which test scenario they should choose. After that, the actual testing begins (learn more about the testing process).

While doing exploratory testing the testers do minimum planning, but the maximum execution, so they have an idea about application functionality and know what to do next in testing. After learning the behavior of the software application, the tester decides about testing scenarios.

There are certain cases when you should use exploratory testing. Thus, you should use this kind of testing if:

There are certain pros and cons of exploratory testing

Let’s begin with the pros:

  1. You don’t have to make preparations because you don’t have testing documents and requirements;
  2. It is a time-saving way of testing because all processes are being done at the same time: explore, learn and execute;
  3. As requirement document is missing, testers can report certain issues.

The cons are the following:

  1. Some issues cannot be reached is such kind of testing;
  2. A tester has to keep in mind the scenario he is executing, in case the bug is detected, he needs to report a bug and do appropriate actions to restore.

Now you know more about the exploratory testing, about its advantages and disadvantages. And if look up into advantages of that process we can answer the question why do we need that kind of testing of software. Our testing team is always glad to explore your application for vulnerabilities.

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