Why Do You Need ISTQB Certification


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The International Software Testing Qualifications Board ( ISTQB) is an international software testing certification organization registered in Belgium and offers ISTQB Certified Tester standardized qualification for the software tester.

What are the advantages of ISTQB certification?

  • More chances to get a good job or job promotion with your current employer.
  • If you are Junior it’s fine you have not much practice skills, but higher post requires to know not just How? But also supply few alternative ways and choosing the most suitable one;
  • Advantage over other software testers. There are about 240 000 certified testers in the world and you rather be among this number than among non-certificated;
  • Make your knowledge wider. Tones of literature is a good start;
  • Raise self-esteem. Just think – certificate, knowledge, money.

How to prepare for exams?

  • Read, read, read. Perhaps you have already knowledge base but don’t try to find mistakes in tutorials. Usually literature provides us with compilation information. Try to dig deeper and understand the theory. Remember that only theory with appropriate experience will bring success.
  • Do all the best to understand each term in the books. There are lots of examination questions include terms.
  • Start as soon as it possible! There is too big volume of information to be understood, too much for a week.
  • Choose more frequent short sessions of training over the long and frequent. 10-20 pages per day is a good practice.
  • Make notes in the text material. 300-pages’ books are too much to read it couple times. Create your own compressed version and read it over and over.
  • Solve the problems! Theory is a good, but not enough. Ability to answer the questions and solve the problems is very important for your exam as well as for your job.
  • Prepare in groups and you’ll have opportunity to talk to those who know more. Otherwise, you can consolidate your knowledge becoming a leader of the group.


Summarizing, we would like to say that there are plenty of reasons to get ISTQB-certificate. If you have already read a testing literature the knowledge you’ll get while preparing for an exam is a good addition to your base. If not, you can get more knowledge and implement it on practice.

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