Why’s Cloud Performance Testing Amazing?


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Load & Performance Testing

No doubt performance testing is required as a necessary stage of any project that is expected to succeed. There is zero need of repeating all the benefits performance tests are granting and how it is done in general. There are several pitfalls though. During Performance testing you will be doing things as:

  • Heavy load simulations
  • Assuring downtime is not delaying campaigns
  • The same may be applied to promotions as well as lucrative business times
  • So much more

Surely all that effort requires a lot of time and resources. Hence tests are limited which in turn may affect quality dramatically. That is when Cloud Services enter the stage.

Actual advantages

  • Saves money. When onsite testing is considered large money investments are involved. Hardware capable of simulating peak loads is expensive. So are appropriate tools, server deployment and maintenance, simulation scripts production, etc. Such expanses are not required if tests are being run in the clouds. All the data centers are maintained by service providers. This is also allows to choose a perfect testing strategy with just enough computer power. That is actually all you will be paying for, computing power quite enough so you will be using for testing purposes only.
  • It makes a tester’s day a bit easier as analysis and diagnostics are a part of the package cloud providers are supporting you with. Time and effort of testers will be saved as well as appropriate scripts are also package included. You will be granted with a detailed map leading you to the issue.
  • Tests will be done whenever you are up to it. Peak loads may be simulated whenever you require them to be. Meaning tests may be conducted while fitting your schedule perfectly.
  • If you are looking forward to entering the international market Cloud Services will work greatly.
  • So you have tested browser apps? What about mobile devices and ways users may enter your systems to them? Many users in different conditions may be added so you will get a better overall picture. Generally Clouds are amazing for performance testing services despite several minimal pitfalls that are present everywhere.
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