Why Become A Tester?


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Why did you choose to become a tester? You could be a developer, for instance. They are generally better paid, they are recognized and gain all the credit for a working app. They are considered to be the core of the project, the creative ones, the sculptors and whatever other word you would find fitting to describe world’s best people. And yet you, my friend are a software tester or you are considering to become one. Why?

Because you care

Yes, that’s right, you are a tester because you care over the end product. You know you have a job that needs to be done without the additional glitter and sparkles scattered all over you. Frankly, the situation described above is indeed true in some companies, but today those are the minority. Most successful organizations do understand the value of a decent software tester. It does make life a little bit easier, but such a misbelief is still well spread amongst individuals. Meaning more work hast to be done to improve the image of a software tester.

So why have large and smart businesses changed they approach to hanging labels on testers and developers?

  • Developers are the heroes who create software. But testers are the heroes that save businesses from demolition; because of possible mistakes developers make lead to enormous financial losses and corrupted reputation. If you have found a bug causing the flight to Mars mission starship explode with everybody on it, who is the hero? A smaller example: you have identified a breech user credit card data may leak through saving your business from dozens of lawsuits. You rock!
  • Developers are creative and stand behind the successful solution. But are testers not creative? Just imagine how hard it is to invent hundreds of ways to put the app under test, to consider every possible path end-users may take considering all possible conditions and variables? Conclusion: you rock!
  • Developers are more tech-savvy and even a monkey can randomly hit all buttons to test if things crash. Sure, a monkey can hit buttons randomly, but you also use code, write scripts and do multiple other unimaginable operations to juice up automation removing this, so called ‘randomness’ from the equation. So you also rock in this domain.


If you are a tester and you are smart you will receive both the credit, the respect and multiple financial and career opportunities and you are doing the things you love and are great at. After a while you will become a Team Lead, a Project Manager, you can become independent and provide quality assurance consulting services. The world is yours to take, and to test! Sounds like quite a pack of reasons to become a software tester.

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