Why Are Your Testers Not Testing?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/27/2014

Why Are Your Testers Not Testing?

Test early and test often! The phrase sound familiar? Well, it should as it is sort of the slogan of what testing has to be. And who is most eager to test as often and as early as possible? That’s right, testers, as most of them are quite passionate about their job. But what is keeping them away from more testing?

Main reasons why testers don’t test:

Generally, many companies and organizations are not supplying testers with appropriate assets, infrastructure and environments they require despite the fact they are quite available nowadays, quite provisioned and not as expensive. But testers are still handicapped with outdated hardware and tools. That is one of the reasons a tester is wasting approximately 1.000 hours a year by doing something else rather than testing. And not because he is drinking coffee or browsing the internet for fun pictures.


Where does time go?

So, we have a survey that has questioned testers on what are that eager to do while at work and what are they doing there actually. The results are not at all satisfying or even promising. For example:

As we can see exploratory testing and automation are mostly harmed. And aren’t those just the quality-related factors that are to be of top priority?

What are testers doing all that time? They are waiting for, wait for it, assets! Or they are setting up and refreshing or reconfiguring test environments. And, if speaking the truth, how are such environments good if more time is spent on making them work fine rather than testing itself? Are you, as a company happy with such results? If not you are to consider investing some money into your teams or going to the clouds with their environments. Outsourcing is also a solution if you are not into spending too much money. Whatever the option, something must be done anyway!

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