Why Agile Development Fails Sometimes?


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Why Agile Development Fails Sometimes?

It is incontestable truth that lots of Agile development and testing practices were completed successfully. But there are many proponents who complain that Agile methodology fails. Some managers blindly trust this new trend and embed it into the process without understanding of its nature and principles. BugHuntress wants to share with you various situations when Agile development fails.

  1. Old habits. Many teams are accustomed to other methods and guided by established principles in their collaboration. Before resorting to Agile an executive needs to answer one important question, “Does the development process of the company is really has need in it?” If everything is going properly: developers are happy to work under the project, the software satisfies clients and managers, etc., don’t make people get used to other rules, it could lead to collapse.
  2. Unrealistic expectations. Agile methodology is more mind-set and culture, rather than a set of tools and processes. Most of the managers believe that Agile performs miracles, transforms the development process. This is fail. First you need is to recognize that each process needs the particular approach.
  3. Giving up too easy. Nobody said that Agile is easy practice. If you really decided to use it you need to know that Agile exposes what you are not very good at yet. And perhaps you’ll find a ton of excuses why this methodology won’t work in your system. To gain from Agile, you need to know the benefits of this approach. Otherwise your Agile is ‘fake’.
  4. Communication and planning issues. Agile doesn’t mean fast. Many managers don’t plan iterations with failed tests in mind. They just try to go fast not focusing on the most difficult issues till the end. Also many developers notice that Agile is very bloated with meetings and anemic of any real documentation.

This is not a complete list of what people think about reasons cause to failing of Agile projects sometimes. But there is one thing we can say for sure – managers and team should understand the idea of this methodology before implement it, everyone should be aware of the responsibilities and other conditions of collaboration. Of course, there are many benefits of Agile. You just need to know how to use it for reaching success.

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