Which Beer Goes Better With Software Testing?


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Beer unites entire nations and creates bridges between people who are uncommon to each other in any other condition than after several nice pints. Actually, in the world we live in today beer and the process of drinking it has matured into an entire culture with its own rules and regulations. And there is no serious wonder these shifts have influenced people from all industries, including QA and software testing engineers.

But how do beers fit in QA and which process goes best with which beer type? What to drink when in the middle of a troublesome regression testing session and is ale your ultimate choice for unit testing? This thought got several of our engineers really carried away last Friday and we came up with this list. Feel free to enjoy the list, testing and, of course, your beers! Cheers!

The ultimate #1 super-awesome list no tester can forget or misuse or abuse forever and ever!

  • Indian Pale Ale. Oh, the aroma… It is glorious and motivating. And if you ask me – this beer was invented and brewed with one soul purpose, to assist QA engineers with pair testing. When you are dealing with a developer, nothing will work better as first steps towards creation of an indestructible bond are a couple of IPA bottles.
  • Wit Bier. This beer looks smooth, tastes smooth and works as world perfect tool of relaxation in a crowded environment. Wit Bier is like the weed of beers, but without all negative effects. Everyone just becomes chilled and comfortable with each other. We believe this is a perfect solution for Company Meetings.
  • Brown Ale. These glorious sweet tears of beer allow drinkers to remain focused and attentive while becoming relaxed. This beer boosts up creativity in all of us and thus should work as a perfect catalyzer for flawless Sales Meetings.
  • Belgian Beer. Now, that we are talking meetings benign ale should go flawlessly for your stand ups and team meetings. Did you know that people make lager, dark and red beer in Belgium? And have you ever noticed that everyone on your team wears clothes of different colors? Coincidence? We certainly don’t think so!
  • Doppelbock. You were catching yourselves bored while automated tests do all the work? Well you have a solution now and in fact, a solution you won’t be able to use in any other scenario because of Doppelbock is quite rich on alcohol. However, for scenarios where all you can do is kick back and relax – unforgettable.
  • Coffee Stout. You know what they say, beer leads to great, revolutionary ideas and journeys. Just look at this beer-brought list for all’s sake. And one more fun fact – you are probably dependent from coffee and can’t live a decent life without 1or 5 or 7 or 993.54 (my personal case) mugs per day, right? Well Coffee Stout combines it all in one so if you ever catch yourself tired or out of ideas while creating personas, functional designs or test cases – you know what you need!

Important notes that come in a package with The List

  • Spread this information wisely and ensure all who had to see it saw it and those who didn’t remained blind in their beer-less agony.
  • This list may be unfinished or incomplete as we are only mortals and we are always open for new updates, please share your ideas in the comment section. Let’s create a working group, this question requires serious actions and each and every one of us is involved!

One note above all

This post was designed purely for laughs and should not be treated as serious recommendations. We are fully aware that too much alcohol is harmful for you so please drink with caution and wisely. Do not abuse what beer has given us. Drink for the flavor.

Oh, and one more thing; if your company does not encourage or even doesn’t allow drinking alcohol at work – don’t do it. Those rules were created for a reason. We, at TestFort, for example, humbly wait till working hours end and envy those lucky enough to sip Doppelbock while automating.

Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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