Where’s Testing Headed? New Trends That Might Stay For A While


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Software Testing is still maturing?

Do you remember how things were with software testing about a decade ago? It was nearly as advanced and respected as a field of operations as it is now. Crucial, yes, but few could see actual perspective. And look at it now! I’d say it has grown into a beautiful woman, figuratively speaking, that is young, full of potential, determined and precise. Although, as any woman, it has it’s little secrets and tricks. But is it all? Are we at the final point here with testing? Apparently not, as researches are showing testing is shifting and advancing respectfully to the needs of clients and new emerging technology.

The same researches are providing us with such curious data as independent testing services are growing for about 9.5% annually and such dynamics will be seen up to 2018. And who knows what will be there next. There are lots of interesting trends, despite all said, you may wish to keep up to as apparently, they are the key to a successful future of testing. As you are seeing lot’s is going on with cloud computing, Service Oriented Architecture, virtualization, etc. What to look out for?

Service-Driven Management process

Such an approach to management is tending to replace the traditional excellence model from use. It is not doing so good with that particular goal as excellence is still even growing (yet slowly). But what Service-Driven management is good at is personal growth. It is getting bigger by the day, even hour, I’d say, thus it has a lot of potential. This happening takes place due the fact that testing has matured enough to meet and support overall IT optimization and modernization needs. Larger volumes of manual testing may be less time consuming and less resource requiring.

Agile and In Production Testing

Modern development world would not be the same without Agile that has conquered hearts and budgets of many developers and companies. Software Testing is headed to becoming a shared effort between different teams in order of meeting with the rising requirements. Continuous this, Continuous that. “Continuous” is something we well be meeting more and more on a daily basis with our jobs as it proves to be great at what it does. Testing in production is what will allow testers to constantly add relevant updates during the entire development process which is a great approach in receiving quality products.

Mobile Testing will grow as well

Mobile devices are commonly shared nowadays, thus their apps require proper testing as well. Let’s see some more numbers. If the total share of mobile testing businesses was somewhere around 31% in 2012 then now it is 55%. Quite a growth in deed and it is expected to grow along with all the apps requiring to be compatible in the market as they are of high use and also require personal user information. Thus security, UI, efficiency and performance are the minimum you would like to test in your new app.

Clouds are keeping up with mobile

Just look at the big picture. About 26% of all software will be hosted in the clouds by 2015. That is quite the perspective field to do some testing. After all there are security flaws and quite a lot of them in cloud services as well as performance of the environments which may and will be getting better thanks to testers. Although, those are seen as middle-term challenges and will be resolved shortly. Perhaps your testers and developers will be the ones with the solution?

The more, the merrier

Crowd-sourced Software Testing, despite not being perfect (especially with security issues and a difficult management process), is getting bigger as well. Its catch is that less expanses are draining the budget. What to do if the team is short on required resources? Ask friends to help!

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