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When’s It Worth To Automate?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/18/2014

When’s It Worth To Automate?

As it was said higher a lot of both positive and negative sides of automation testing have already been highlighted in lots of sources. For me, personally, the advantages of automation overweight the scales drastically, yet these advantages are hiding lots of underwater stones thus making the testing process harder if not used properly. You should rely on the machine, yet you can’t rely on it too much. A combination of both automate and manual testing is the only path to success.

The worst scenario for me is when the process is all about automation. So you’re finished developing, finished the test plan and the fun begins. The entire team starts to run as if there’s a terrorist attack on the office and all they demand is script. The over-exaggerated attention paid to script just block’s your view on other things that are at least as important.

So what benefits does automation have:

But what are the minuses?

So now we can see that it’s not worth spending time and effort on automation if the benefits are of less value than time wasted on automating, maintaining, rebuilding, scrapping and reviewing scripts.

Never forget that the main purpose of automation is providing you with information you will find use for thus it has no right to be an all-time consuming process.

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