When’s a Testing Strategy Killing Your Business?


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Testing & QA

Strategy – /ˈstratɪdʒi/. Noun.
A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim

Are we testing the future we are living in?

StrategyWe are in the era of internet applications and cloud storages. Progress is already allowing users colossal potential from even a wristwatch. But are we testing all that magnificence appropriately? I’d rather say no and there are several reasons to that. Many come from the testing Strategy.

What may a failing testing strategy lead to? An application you have put lots of effort and resources in development failing in the market. Or, to be more precise, you may face the following consequences:

  • Your brand will be damaged
  • You will lose customers as they will switch to an application of better quality
  • You will increase costs on supporting customers that have stayed with your app
  • Application’s performance issues may damage your budget via productivity loss

This is especially accurate to complex applications that are demanding a lot from QA. But what may be done to prevent such a situation? Several tips you will require your Testing Strategy to focus on are listed below and are at your service:

  1. Make sure you are paying right attention to the most risk-based requirements. Surely testing everything from top to bottom may sound as something great but practice is showing you will probably achieve more harm from such an approach than profit. A lot of time will be spent and the fields that are of top priority will still not be getting required attention.
  2. Test early and try finding defects while still in the requirements stage. If all will be organized well you well be eliminating up to 70-80% of re-work.
  3. Make sure you know what you are testing and so are your testers. Do they have answers to the following questions?
      1. What are they testing?
      2. How much testing will they be commencing?
      3. How much will it cost?
      4.  How much will a failure cost?
  4. Make sure you are aware of all the investments that will be required for arranging proper infrastructure, required tools and skilled testers, etc.
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