When Enough Is Enough With Testing!


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Too much? Or is it?

enough is enoughSurely a situation that will be described below happens more often than you would like it to. So here is the thing. You have tested several parts of software. Tested them hard and well. It was quite time-consuming. And so now, before the release date you get everything together and it does not work at all or at least the way it should be. So the question would be whether there was too much attention paid to testing? Certainly testing is important, yet QC is also not to be neglected.

But is the situation given above all about too much testing? No, it was about simple time-management issues. The key question you should always be asking yourself is not the “when are we done testing? Perhaps it’s too much?” The proper question here is “What is the potential price of the end-product failure?”

Testing an application is not difficult for professionals. All steps are long known, various methodologies are available, choose the one that fits you, and go ahead. The question is in whether you will test everything fine before or after your software goes live. If you ever hear something like “what can possibly go wrong?” connected to any IT releases be afraid and start running.

The difference

Well, of course, different releases are of different value and you may close your eyes on lots and lots depending on the end-product value. Saving some cash on testing of some ‘Play with me for free and with flowers’ app can even be a wise decision. Your users will end up pointing out what needs to be properly fixed. Yet this in no way means that no testing procedures are in need whatsoever. An app to bugged will never be popular and will not bring you profit.

And, on the other hand, if your software is something of large value, like some app for a bank or something and a slightest error may lead to devastating results think twice before even creating a test coverage plan. If the user will be pointing out a bug it may already be too late.

Thus, in my opinion there are different budgets and values of various project, that allow less attention here or there, yet the price of failure should always be considered as a primary objective.

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