What Tools to Automate GUI With?


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user interface testingThat’s where GUI testing comes into the light. So what is GUI? It is a method of testing the applications user interface and making sure the app is working in the way it was meant to be. You know, checking the thing users will interact with like buttons, menu bars or icons and stuff like that. It measures how will the app react if somebody will “tickle it” with his mouse or keyboard thus making GUI an absolute nasality to all developers, which want their creations to succeed. But such testing appears to be extremely expensive and time-consuming. So it makes a point to automate it saving lots of effort getting rid of the need to manually check and document all the errors. For that tools will be needed, good tools like:

  • Abbot. Abbot is both handy and easy to use solution if you want to test the Java user interfaces. It is able to satisfy your needs in automated generating and validating Java GUI components. It can assist you with both unit and functional testing.
  • EggPlant. One more automation testing tool that won’t run and hide from work other tools have failed at. Need QA automation or black-box testing and all the .Net, Java, HTML, Flash tools have been nothing but more trouble? Go EggPlant.
  • SWAT. Nowadays one browser isn’t enough and if you want to test your creations workability on different browsers SWAT is here to help.
  • GTT. One more Java’s little helper. It views and models assertion mechanisms.
  • Samurai Web Testing Framework. Using Linux? Japan’s bravest warrior is on your side in this battle with his friendly web pen-testing environment.
  • Autotest.Net. A splendid example of a GUI based testing platform. CLI is how it communicates with devices.
  • RIATest. On the other hand we have a multi-platform for Adobe Flex apps.
  • HP WinRunner. This tool allows testers to record and play back UI interactions making them test scripts.

As a conclusion I’d like to say that there is plenty of fish in the sea so this list is in no way permanent or exactly precise. This is but a mere advice of which tool to choose, with the decision remaining after you only.

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