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What to Test is Clear – How to Decide What NOT to Test?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/4/2013

What to Test is Clear – How to Decide What NOT to Test?

When there is a lot to test, but cost or time is insufficient, the number one problem for the testing team is to decide not what to test but what to leave without testing.

If the project is really complex and involves many features, there are a lot of possible testing strategies and multiple test cases to execute, but if you physically cannot manage to do all of these, you should first carefully think over what is the most and least important in your product. Most likely, the quality of the product and therefore its success and the company’s profit will depend of what you choose to test. If the matter was about what to include in testing, there would be little doubts. For instance, you cannot afford to skip the UI in favor of testing backing database. In case when you’ve got to decide what to exclude from testing, everything’s much more complex and there is no single scheme for any project. So, to give you something for orientation, consider the following exclusion criteria that may help you to decide rationally.

What NOt to test:

The main idea of effective testing is to make an informed decision before getting started. It will not bring any good if you start carrying out testing randomly. Estimate your chances with the presented criteria and test software more efficiently!

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