What to Pay Most Attention to When Choosing Offshore Testing Services


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Testing & QA

Many companies are now outsourcing development and testing. To say more most of the top players in the market are doing just that. And yet, the web is still overfilled with rumors of foul quality such projects are presenting.

But, if it was all bad, would everybody still do so? Doubtful. So maybe there are issues hiding within your own company. What do you wish to pay most attention to when outsourcing your project?

  • Pay attention to every aspect of the project and especially to documentation. The firm that will be doing testing for you is to be sure what your requirements are. Thus such requirements are to be properly documented and you are to be 110% sure the company doing testing understands them to full extent.
  • Communication may not stop for even a second. Literally speaking of course. Yet being in constant touch with the firm testing your project is an extremely good practice. You re to clarify the way reports are sent to you and to go through such reports often. Keeping your finger on the project’s pulse is a necessity.
  • Outsourcing is always an adventure. And every software project is a risk of its own. Thus risk management is to be considered to full extent. Schedule, pricing, whatever may stand in between you and success. And it is great is all is considered earlier. A great practice will be delivering and testing every feature separately.
  • Know who you are trusting your project to. Experience has enormous value and you are to choose an offshoring company wisely regarding such a company’s name, experience and portfolio.

Following accordingly these simple rules will guide you through out the process of outsourcing with ease (if this word may even be applied to something as software testing and development).

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