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What To Do Before Automating? Tips Ensuring Success

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 09/26/2014

What To Do Before Automating? Tips Ensuring Success

Planning, planning and more planning

Lots of questions are usually asked about automation, its bonuses, and abilities, etc. That is indeed an interesting topic that requires something more than a mere blog post. It’s just impossible to fit in all the answers into something that is containing less than several thousand pages of boring yet meaningful words and letters. Let’s just try and understand whether we need automation anyway, what’s it good for and how to apply it properly. We will be doing some preparations before the preparations for testing.

Why should I even bother automating?

You shouldn’t, unless the activity is of profit to you, your team, your project and your company. Unlike many managers believe it is not some all-solving panacea that may heal any place that is aching despite on the project itself. It’s just that most top managers are certain that with the amount of money they’ve spent on automation it has to cure cancer on its minimum of potential. And that is, indeed, a false misbelief. So when will automation work out?

What may go wrong?

As mentioned above automation is no panacea and has some risks involved you are to consider before even beginning with your preparations.

Now, that everything is considered and you are sure you want some automation goodness, you feel you are ready, you may begin with the actual preparations.

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