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What Software Testing Has Become!

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/27/2015

What Software Testing Has Become!

Testing Has Become

We live in a magical time of innovation and our world along with our surroundings changes dramatically fast. The interesting part is that we do not realize any changes if we are constantly located in the environment they take place. Let’s look at the software testing industry. So much has changed over past few years, and yet you still believe things are very much the same as they were yesterday, and they will remain still tomorrow.

But let’s face it: when was the last time you were dealing with the Waterfall Model for as much as you get to work in agile environments? You still may be astonishing with both and even more, but you never use some of your skills now, nor should you return to them. The industry has changed and today new practices, methodologies, tools and skills are accepted industry standards.

Let’s finally brace some facts!

I remain amazed with the fact changes that are that big mostly remain unnoticed in the overall picture. It’s not that you randomly start using agile without knowing it, no. You just don’t realize how big a change is, until it dominates everything. Surprisingly we have encountered numerous businesses that tend to resist these changed, and we would like to warn you: such an approach did not work well.

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