What May a Wrong Mindset Result into When Software Testing is Considered?


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Many general testing problems originate from something as unnoticeable as a mindset. Many issues in today’s world of software testing are all the same they used to be several years ago and improvements are not even on the horizon. Surely they are rarely combined all together in a single project thus are hard to be noticed but many testing sessions suffer from some of them. And all such issues are coming from one particular source: a wrong mindset. But it’s not only testers that may suffer from this, but stakeholders are also often causing even more damage.

What may go wrong because of a mindset that is different from what it takes to be good at testing?

The belief that the system is working and functional when under tests is wrong to its root. Stakeholders believe it works when they assign the task to the testing department. Testers are told they are working with a functional system and they believe such words. So they try to verify a statement that may not be true at all. Testing is not about verifying that all is working fine. Testing is about looking for and finding places where software fails.

Such a task leads to the fact that only functional parts of the application that’s currently under test are being worked with. Only expected behavior will be tested. No data inputs are being tested within such scenarios which can’t be good for your project.

As a result your application will most likely have residual abnormal behavior defects when delivered. The worst part of this is that everybody is sure the app is tested and is secured from malicious impact and any other defects and bugs that users may and will discover.

How to avoid this?

First of all testers are not to be tasked with something similar as verification of a working product. Test plan as well as test goals are to be stated clearly: defects need to be found, all defects that may cause the application to crash or fail. As a stakeholder you should invest in trainings that will be encouraging the proper mindset of your testers. Emphasize test cases that are going beyond normal behavior as that is where you will be getting most valuable results from. A minor bug in behavior that is expected might cause a lot of damage if the application is used in even a slightly different way from the one you have expected. Always remember that.

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