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What I Have Truly Learned As a Software Tester

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/2/2015

What I Have Truly Learned As a Software Tester

True power comes with experience. These words are right to practically every single part of our lives. But who says you have to learn on your own mistakes only? Through your lifetime you will get plenty of chances to get a painful lump. I have a little list of things related to software testing that I myself have learned over these years and wish anybody told me of them earlier. You may be doing software automation testing or manual testing amazingly, yet things are still not as you have expected. That is because there are several things that are a bit more general and hence are slipping through your mind. So I have decided to share the list with you guys!

  1. Any project is like a fun road trip. Sometimes it’s ok, you are driving with ease and the road is empty while the sun shines gently making it a perfect day. Other times it rains so hard you can’t see the next turn, the traffic is terrible; city you are driving through is full of jams. You may notice a detour after all or you may not. Most of the projects today are 100% off-road racing where your car is far from what you have expected. And you are always to light the way for everybody on your team as a tester. That is your primary objective and not finding more bugs than Billy Madsen (whoever it is that you know as well as ‘love’) does.
  2. Bug Reports are you face in the business. When somebody is reading your report he is making an impression of you, your analytical and soft skills, etc. If the report is clear and understandable to even a junior that has been on the project since yesterday you will be respected and appreciated as a true professional. That is a nice way of lighting the way to everybody.
  3. Confusion is a great thing! If you are feeling dazzled you are probably on to something. Don’t be anyhow ashamed to ask for advice or to investigate farther.
  4. An app crashing is not an error; it’s but a symptom of the error. You, as a tester are to finding out why it happened in the very first place if you are of the guys that want to be really good, that is. There can be a minor failure you have noticed leading you to something very big, trust me.

I truly hope you will benefit from this little something. If not, well, you will be realizing all this later on your very own, but don’t dare say you have wished somebody told you of these things earlier. It’s kinda my thing, you know.

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