What Influences Testing? 5 Up-To-Date Trends

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/14/2014

What Influences Testing? 5 Up-To-Date Trends

5 trendsSoftware product testing is a process oriented on assuring top quality software without bugs and glitches. And in the present world with all these various developers competition is way over the clouds. Thus it is drastically important for YOUR software to run as smooth as it can. And to ensure you are not hopelessly stuck in the past with all the outdated methodologies here is a list of top 5 trends that are influencing modern QA industry.

  1. Globalization

The 90s gave a go to the hardware outsourcing field. Then, in about ten years after that outsourcing of software developing and testing started its own acceleration process. The possibility to outsource required projects has also extended greatly along with the possibility of really cheap communication. What I mean is that now a Canadian QA project can be outsourced and done in Australia or China for example. So you can always find the price & quality combination that will fit you perfectly and will satisfy all the product testing needs of your money-bringing software.

  1. Test Automation

And as QA is advancing in a rather fast & furious way the same can be said about testing tools. Pretty much terabytes of them are available now from free of charge to ridiculously overprice. Thus automation has stepped way beyond mere GUI interface ad regression. API and CLI are the stuff now.

  1. Commoditization

Testing services are now being taken for goods in a shopping mall due to their availability. And there is one crucial mistake lurking in the shadows of this belief. Lots of companies believe that quality of QA services does not vary too much, thus making it the smart choice to pick the cheapest “store in town”. Don’t forget that choosing QA services wisely is in trend now rather than the mentioned misbelief.

  1. Tort Law, Compliance and Regulation

Never forget about security. Your company hast to be clear with its industrial and liability standards, and legal regulations. Testing obviously lowers the risks, yet one should never give his competitors extra aces. Don’t let others to sew or ban you from the market.

  1. Certification & Education

With various certification programs available it won’t hurt at all to get certified. It will even do good for your business. And keep your employees as skilled and trained, as possible due to constant changes in the IT world. Your team has to be ready and prepared for everything from some minor changes in Java to a gigantic meteorite falling on earth and destroying all internet servers.

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