What If To Bring Mobile Testing To Cloud?


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What If To Bring Mobile Testing To Cloud?We live in the era of fast growing technologies. Mobile technologies have been boosted up by fast developing mobile boom all over the world. Only in 2012 there were sold 1,746 billions of mobile phones all over the world. Such boom caused quite a huge expansion of mobile technologies, which can’t be ignored. Thus, the mobile testing became much more challenging if to compare with web-based application testing. It can bring certain issues. Those issues are the following:

1. High spending on mobile test framework.

In order to develop powerful and strong infrastructure it requires huge investments. Investments in testing devices and appliances, licensing and testing means, server configurations are vital and necessary for businesses heading for mobile.

2. Testing of an application lifecycle.

Constant upgrades and improvements, extensive usage of rapid development techniques, end-user experience are aspects which are widening the mobile testing range.

3. Fragmentation of a devise/platform.

Mobile applications are used in devices with various operating systems, interfaces, versions and producers. It is getting harder to provide multi-device, multi-platform compatibility of the applications.

Hence, there is a must to have better and more profitable ideas and solutions that would cut down the expenses for framework testing and would increase test quality.

Mobile cloud testing suggests an access, that is web- based, to a tremendous number of actual and real devices, to working networks, where testers situated anywhere in the world can test, expand and automate mobile applications.

Why To Consider Cloud Testing?

  • Cloud-based testing can grant immediate access to hundreds of phone platforms like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc. It allows companies to react instantly to appearing trends and new products, therefore establishing competing benefits for companies.
  • It is a time-saving way for companies in order to survive project delays, because there is no need to make on-premise test environments. As well, there are no investments required in testing devices and appliances, licensing and testing means, server configurations.
  • The preformed and well-organized constitution of a cloud environment significantly cuts down the defects, thus increasing the quality of tests.
  • You can have your real time testing results; hence the defects and bugs can be resolved while tests are going.
  • Cloud testing suggests great scalability to evaluate the scope verges of app.
  • Cloud –based testing improves cooperation among globally distributed companies by granting and instant access to mobile devices and testing scenarios.

Mobile platform is becoming more complex and disintegrated day by day. Appearance of new devices and new operating systems will continue challenging mobile testing. Therefore, companies heading for mobile should consider cloud-based testing as an efficient way, taking into account resource resilience and decreases framework costs. If using cloud, companies can enhance application development, testing and tracking processes when increasing service quality, cutting the time and improving user experience.

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