What Does WW2 Have in Common With QA Business Requirements?


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The France and Germany game

Let’s pretend for a second World War 2 is about to begin and you are in France. So you, sir, are a gentleman and are used to leading wars with the brits who are gentlemen as well. You know the Napoleon way, when a fair warfare may not loose (unless Russians cheat the rules you are used to) so you are minding your own business getting ready for Germans to attack.

There are Hitler’s troops on the other side that do wish a nice taste of Paris and are about to Blitzkrieg. What is this Blitzkrieg of theirs and how bad can it be? Who cares if we have the Maginot Line, an impenetrable line of defense nobody can break through. That line is your functional tests.

As you all probably remember France capitulated. How did that happen? Germans never cared about whatever impenetrable lines of defense France had. They knew they would not win it there so they just walked around it. That’s it, simple as that. Why go die trying to force the Maginot Line when there are the Ardennes Mountains that allow your army to avoid danger without breaking a sweat?

How did that happen one may ask? Because people in France did not care about the blitzkrieg tactics or anything else they were not familiar with, they felt themselves safe being their functional requirements that were tested in the best manner possible and have proven to be steel-solid. However the market has shown them wrong and it may easily do the same to any business.

Back to our days

Did you know that any tester who has went through the business requirements will be asking twice as much questions when he gets to the functional requirements part? Why? Because he would be curious how things should work to achieve this or that result instead of just working as standalone solutions. That is exactly why the best advice ever given would be making sure everybody involved in your projects is absolutely aware of your business requirements and the project is crafted and tested in a way that serves your business. An app that just works fine as it is will never be enough if it’s not working in a way you wanted it to. The Maginot Line was fully operational and worked great, the market wanted something different from it though.

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