What can independent testing give your company

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Your success in software development outsourcing

BugHuntress QA Lab offers a set of services to secure benefits and mitigate (or even completely eliminate) inherent risks of software development outsourcing:

  • Ongoing independent testing of software developed by outsourcing vendors;
  • Independent verification & validation (IV&V) of software products;
  • Quality assessment of developed software in disputes with vendors.

Independent software testing gives objective and timely information based on metrics. This information is vitally necessary to take right managerial decisions on software development outsourcing, relations with subcontractors and further improvement of your outsourcing practice.

Facts and Figures: What can independent testing give your company?

Last year BugHuntress QA Lab performed an external independent testing of an e-Community. It was a complex Web-application that contained a lot of different services. The development team stated that the application worked well and external testing was not necessary. However the customer insisted on performing it.

When we completed only ~20% of planned work, the number of revealed defects exceeded 100. Taking into consideration those results the customer stopped working with this development company. A significant sum of money and a lot of time were lost.

Nevertheless, due to BugHuntress QA Lab 80% of money paid to developers was refunded and saved to the customer.

BugHuntress QA Lab independent verification and validation services

I. Estimation stage of a software development project:

  • Initial software development project concept estimation, project risks evaluation;
  • Assessment of vendor’s testing procedures and documents templates (test plans, test cases, reports);

II. Development stage:

  • Independent testing of developed software (as a basic testing team for this project or as periodic inspections);
  • Reviews and walkthrough of software source code and documentation;
  • Estimation of basic architectural solutions;

III. Acceptance stage:

  • Final acceptance test, formal independent validation of developed software.
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